You will need
  • - two straight spokes;
  • yarn;
  • - darning needle.
Try to perform the simplest knitted the edging in the form of several rows of garter knit. This way the edges of the hem, cuffs and neckline allows the edge of the web to lie flat and not curl. To obtain such a binding is needed in each forward and reverse a number to perform only facial loops.
Usually the garter-knit strip is performed as a single unit with the main product. Start knitting the edging of the back, front, sleeves to the desired height, and then move on to the main working pattern. Particularly advantageous such a rim looks at the background facial surface. On-line ready of the neck should dial loops and knit garter bar for binding the desired height.
Use as a border any relief or openwork pattern. Looks nice repetitive region of teeth or semicircles. The patterned strip can be linked separately, and then carefully sew it to the finished product knitted stitch. Carefully calculate the required number of stitches for a border, it should match the number of loops of edges.
Run a sample strip of the pattern "herringbone" or "pyramid". Dial direct spokes loop - their number must be divisible by 15 (e.g., 30) plus 2 loops.
Start the first row of the pattern with two reverse loops. Then consistently repeat this sequence loops: add 1 hinge (it vivaselecta from the next arc), then make 3 front; purl 2 loops, then 3 loops together as purl promazyvaetsya; pair reverse and 3 facial; add 1 loop and re-pair the reverse. This sample will finish the series.
In the second row "trees" make a couple of front loops, then start to alternate: two pairs of 5 facial and purl loops; again two pairs of reverse and a few facial. Repeat until the end of the series.
Proceed to the third row. It will begin with 2 purl loops, followed by alternation: 1 loop is added; 4 front loops; purl 1; 3 loops together purl; purl and 4 facial; added loop and vymazyvaja two wrong. Repeat these steps until the number does not end.
Fourth row patterned border starts with 2 front loops. Here you need to consistently repeat these elements of the pattern: purl 5 loops and 3 front; 5 wrong and 2 front.
Start fifth row. In the beginning – a pair of inside-out, then repeating the sequence loops: added loop, after it vymazyvaja 5 facial; 3 loops promazyvaetsya reverse; 5 front; added a new loop; finally, purl 2 loops to complete the first section of the pattern. Repeat it until the beginning of the sixth row.
The sixth number will complete the series of rapport-"pyramids". It runs in this sequence: 2 front, then the duplicate items: 6 reverse and 1 front; again, 6 and 2 reverse front.
Complete range and rate of the obtained knitted border. If you want to make it wider, repeat the pattern from the first to the sixth row.