First you need to clean the face to remove dead cells, refresh the skin, make it nice and clean. To do this, make regular exfoliation, which will give your skin a healthy appearance and allow the tone to go perfectly smoothly. After cleansing face , apply moisturizer, which is the basis for the future tones, and preferably with a UV filter.
Take a few drops of cream makeup for correction of under eye circles and apply them onto the skin under the eyes to conceal bluish circles, and then gently blend, driving into the skin with fingertips.
Now is the time to put on the face cream. Take Foundation the right shade and apply on the back of your hand, and take a cosmetic sponge pre-moistened with water. Fingertips take a small amount with hands and apply to face.
Then moistened with a sponge gently blend in circular movements and concealer, so it wasn't obvious borders between the colors ofOhm cream colorom the face. Do not apply a thick layer of cream – it looks messy and sloppy. If you want a more dense layer tinting tools, just apply a second thin layer on top of the first.
Pay special attention to the areas around the neck and hairline – there is the transition boundary between the cream and the skin may be particularly noticeable, and they need to blend particularly well. Lightly powder the neck and chest area.
If you apply a small amount of Foundation under the eyes, after applying be sure to DAB it, otherwise the extra cream will accumulate in the facial wrinkles. Also apply Foundation on the eyelids, so it wasn't obvious blue veins veins, and if you don't want to use the colors ofother shadows.
Finally ottenete color face bronze pressed powder, or blush, applying powder with a soft brush on cheeks, nose and forehead.