Advice 1: How to cook liver trout

There are many recipes of how to cook the dishes of trout, while the inner parts of the fish made use of less often. It's not quite true, as the liver of the trout turns out not less tasty than a steak from a fish fillet.
How to cook liver trout
You will need
    • 200 grams of potatoes;
    • 70-100 grams of the liver of the trout;
    • salt
    • black pepper;
    • 15 grams of sour cream;
    • 50 grams of cheese;
    • dill.
In order to prepare the liver of trout, qualitatively it is important to gut the fish. Assuming the contact of the liver with the bile, to get rid of bitterness will be extremely difficult. So open the belly of fish and remove the entrails very carefully, so as to prevent rupture of the gallbladder near the liverYu. To do this, do not too deep an incision in the abdomen, if the fish is cut into two parts, the probability of opening of the gallbladder increases.
If the bile still spilled, then soak the fish in cold water with salt for an hour. The more carefully washed the fish, the less likely that the finished dish will have a bitter taste.
When the liver is prepared, take a clay pot, the bottom of which lay the crushed potatoes. To cut it as slices and cubes, it all depends on personal preference. Salt is added to taste.
On top of potatoes put a layer of sliced rings of onion, lightly salted it and added pepper.
On a substrate of the vegetables, place the liver. If the trout was not too big, grind it further should not be. In addition to liver can be added to the pot the heart of the fish.
In the preparation of this dish of trout it is best to use its internal fat, but if the fish was too small and such was a little, on top of potatoes and liver need to put a tablespoon of sour cream diluted in the same amount of water. Without adding any extra fat contents of the pot will be too dry.
Put the pot with roast potatoes and liver of the trout in a preheated temperature of 200 degrees oven. The liver is prepared quickly enough, but the fact that the potato became soft, it takes at least half an hour.
Five minutes before turning off the oven carefully remove the lid from the pot and pour on a dish with grated cheese and chopped dill. Happens fragrant crust.

Advice 2: How to prepare liver for cooking

The liver is one of the most "naughty" foods that require thorough pre-treatment before cooking. If it is wrong to prepare liver for cooking delicious meals will not work – it will be too hard and dry. In addition, the finished dish can have quite a distinct odor, which can not hide no condiments. But if you properly handle the liver before frying, it will be tender and juicy.
You will need
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - cutting Board.
Like to your liver, it is very important to remove all its external covering film. If you do not remove them, the liver will work very hard. Frozen liver the film is removed quite easily. Put it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to top film a little thawed. Then pry it with a knife and remove the liver.
If the product has not undergone freezing, before processing it is necessary to prepare: rinse the pre-washed piece of liver with boiling water, and then for 2-3 minutes dip in cold water. Using this simple procedure to remove the thin film of the liver will be much easier. Just incise film with a sharp knife and gently separate it with your fingers.
After treatment, thoroughly flush the liver until it will not cease to stand out blood. Then it can be soaked in milk. Make it optional, but soaking will give the dish a more pleasant aroma and delicate flavor. Since liver contains bile ducts, it can taste bitter. Milk washes away the sediment of bile, eliminating the bitterness. Soak the liver in milk should be at least 30 minutes, and ideally the exposure time should be 2 hours.
Select how you will fry the liver in small pieces or portions. In the first case, the piece of liver must be cut into broad, flat slices with a width of about 1 cm. this should remove all veins, bile ducts, and fat. Sliced, put between two layers of cling film and lightly beat off, as in the preparation of the steak. To make it more convenient to just using the back side of a spoon. Use for pounding, a special hammer is not necessary, as the liver has a loose structure and does not require a strong mechanical processing. If you chop the liver into small pieces, to beat them is not necessary, just cut into wedges 1 cm thick, as well as in the first embodiment, thus removing cutting all unnecessary.
Cut pieces of the liver can again a bit to soak it in milk. Then sprinkle them with seasonings or breading, depending on what recipe you will cook the dish. Salting raw liver can not be otherwise when frying, it will become hard. For breading, you can use flour mixed with pepper and other seasonings to taste, or a special mixture of rice crackers. The breading when frying is used for the dish was more succulent, but the liver can be cooked without it.

Advice 3: Than beef liver differs from pork

The liver, in comparison with the other byproducts, contains most of the beneficial nutrients, which allows classifying it as a diet food. Cooks also believe the liver is a delicacy, preparing various dishes. However, it is important to know that among the most popular beef and pork liver there are some differences
Than beef liver differs from pork

The value of liver

The composition of the liver includes a large number of proteins, consisting in turn of highly digestible iron and copper. These substances allow the body to synthesize normal hemoglobin and, if necessary, exert anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, beef and pork liver is a rich source of magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins A, b, C, and also essential human amino acids.

Beef and pork liver is ideal for use in infectious diseases, kidney problems, diseases of the Central nervous system, after burns and injuries. Dishes from beef and pork liver, enhance immunity, stimulate the production of red blood cells and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. They are shown to smokers, as well as fans of a healthy lifestyle, athletes and losing weight people because the calorie content of beef and pork liver are quite low. These dishes are cooked quickly and have a excellent taste as roasted and stewed.

The liver, it is recommended to consume young children, pregnant women and people with diabetes.

If the liver when cooking is too hard, it is filled with sour cream and stewed on a slow fire for one hour.


Beef and pork liver in its composition do not differ among themselves, however, some differences do exist. Beef liver is considered more valuable because it is less fatty, and contains more vitamins A and b, and also easier to digest in the body compared to pork liver. Pork liver is different from beef with a small bitterness and more tender structure, whereas beef liver harsh need to clean the membranes, blood vessels and tendons.

Pork liver beef differs from the more specific flavor, however, it is prepared much faster. To buy fresh and high-quality product, be sure to check the date of issue of store products – time sale of chilled liver should not exceed 48 hours. In addition, the liver should not crumble to pieces – it speaks of repeated freezing, then the product loses its beneficial properties. To beef or pork liver after cooking has retained its softness in the process of cooking it is not recommended to add salt – otherwise it will let the juice out and become dry and tough.
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