You will need
  • Guitar, a ruler with small divisions, a screwdriver and a special key (for setting the strings of the electric guitar)
Locate the 12th fret of a guitar. Distance it is best to reduce on this level — between the bulkhead and the bottom surface of the string.
How to reduce the distance between the strings and the <b>classified</b>
Using the tailpiece, loosen the string. Then, measuring the line spacing, reduce it to the nearest mm and commit the changes. Only in this case, the string will rattle. The optimal distance between the nut fret and the string: for acoustic guitar — 2-3 mm for electric guitar — 1-2 mm. At a distance for electric guitar each string can be adjusted separately, since the strings are fixed separately. To do this, open them the key and spin with a screwdriver. For the first time to do it better with a helper. Then, when the "cluttered up" the hand alone.
If you want to change the distance between the fretboard and one of the strings, it is best to take the instrument to qualified service personnel. Only he can so accurately do this job, to string to sound in unison with no dissonance.
How to reduce the distance between the strings and the <b>classified</b>
Check out the sound. This can be done by taking the sound of the open string and then clamp it on the 12 fret and again to take the sound. The sound between the notes must be equal to the octave. If not - continue setting.
Another way - take an outdoor sound on the string, the distance of which is changed. Then remove flailed holding the 12 fret and compare sounds - when properly configured, they must be the same.
Note that if the sound on the 12th fret is too high, the sounding part of the strings are short and it is necessary to lengthen, shifting the bottom pivot point (the bottom nut).
Clean guitar sound depends on the distance of the lower nut to 12 fret. Most importantly, what is the distance equal to the distance from the 12 fret to the top of the nut.