You will need
  • - pocket mirror.
Avoid Gypsy. In any case, do not stop if they approach you on the street. The purpose of their treatment can be absolutely any, from the question how to find the way, to offer to predict the future. Remember that supervise these people don't desire to demonstrate their skills of clairvoyance, and the desire to earn your trust.
Don't see street fortune-tellers in the eye. When you meet them try to turn around and leave as quickly as possible in a crowded place. Step right up, if Gypsy follows you.
Don't be rude to them and don't try to hurt them. It will only harm you. Emotional Gypsy nature in this case can play a cruel joke with you. If you're not very careful, after you fly all kinds of curses and bad promises. It is best to avoid such a reaction.
Do not show their emotions. The Gypsy is much easier to work with unstable people, because they quickly succumb to their influence. It does not matter what emotion you're experiencing: positive or negative. Remember, when you are restless, you are easy prey.
If a Gypsy did come to you, get a mirror and point it at her. It is believed that it will pay all its words and intentions against her. Use the confusion of the fortune teller and try to go away from her.
Don't show your wallet and valuables, which you have. It is best to remove his hands from the sight of the Gypsy. Squeeze them into fists and leave. It is assumed that the palm is the most vulnerable spot for all sorts of incantations and spells.
Beware, even if you have not dressed up in colorful skirts and shawls brown-eyed dark-skinned Gypsy, and normally dressed woman. Her appearance may mislead you as to its intentions, and you will be a victim of hypnotism and fraud.