There is a tradition according to which the seller has neskoreni one foot of a rabbit or the tail. So you will be able to determine that the carcass belongs to the cat. But not all sellers of meat so doing, so pay attention to some other aspects.
Remember the structure of the body of the rabbit and look at the hind legs of the carcass. They should be longer than the front and more developed in other animals, which can give the rabbit, limbs developed evenly.
Meat rabbit diet, white color, if the animal was well-fed, white or pink, if the animal was not very dense. This product is gentle, but in the context it is clear it is fine grained structure.
Muscle fiber is thin and delicate, and the connective tissue is loose and poorly developed. Plump carcasses must have a fairly pronounced layer of fat in the muscle tissue. Rabbits have no fat in the subcutaneous tissue, it is deposited around the kidneys and in the pelvic cavity. This substance is of white color and soft consistency.
Not to be confused with the rabbit and hare meat. It has a dark red color with a bluish tinge. The fibers of the muscles short and thick, covered with dense connective tissue. This product is harsh, hard and slightly dry. Meat rabbit specific taste and smell of fat in it, almost none.
To cook meat rabbit faster and easier than the hare. This product is easy to chew, it is well digested by the stomach and almost completely digestible. The taste of rabbit meat resembles chicken meat. If you don't know recipes for meat rabbit, use instead the various ways of cooking chicken.
For frying it is better to take the back of the carcass, and the front – stew or boil. The rabbit is very low in cholesterol and fats, so it is very much appreciated by nutritionists. If you fry rabbit meat, it will absorb the fat and become less lean, but more tasty and flavorful.