Some of the features of make up for dark skin

Dark skin requires a special approach, to find that difficult. Today we will talk about what features have makeup for dark skin and what rules should be followed:

  • pick the right Foundation or use a Foundation;
  • the Foundation should not be lighter than the skin makeup will look unnatural;
  • to accentuate cheekbones, use a blush in various shades;
  • avoid simultaneous selection of the eyes and lips (an exception may be party make-up).

Makeup for dark skin: tone

Unfortunately, even dark skin can look dull. In order to impart freshness and to disguise minor flaws, you can use a light concealer or aqueous emulsion. However, the best option for dark skin will tone with light reflecting particles that give the skin radiance in any weather and at any time of the year.

In order to mask weak earthy hue, you can use a light pink mother-of-pearl base, which should be applied under Foundation. This makeup will help you hide unwanted shade and makes the skin radiant. However, please note that the light base must be carefully shaded and apply small portions. Another problem of dark skin, bruising under the eyes. They can retouch with concealer and then powder loose powder – it will lock the makeup.

Makeup for dark skin: eyes

Eye makeup brown skinned beauties should be bright. The most common shade is a Golden beige or chocolate of various shades. By the way, the colours will be more intense if you apply the shadow wet a cotton swab. She's using the darker shades, you can draw eyes.

For daytime makeup is better to use discreet yellowish or bronze shade combined with brown pencil. You can experiment with the feathering smoky shadows and colorful eyeliner this makeup will maximize the eyes.

The owners of dark skin fit very well green, dark blue and Burgundy hues of the shadows. Harmoniously will look bright tone with a dark classic, especially if you use black eyeliner.

Makeup for dark skin: lips

For dark skin, there is one rule – the darker the skin, the more intense should be the color. Therefore, you can safely abandon the light matte shades – choose brick red, cherry, clear shades of plum or coral. However, remember that choosing a bright lipstick is to avoid bright eye makeup.