First complete the "hat" act. Enter the name of the company, legal address, telephone number and the name of the structural unit. Specify what document is the basis for the compilation of the form.
Fill in the table, which is located on your right. Here enter OKPO, OKVED serial number and the date of the form.
Continue filling in the main field. Specify where was carried out the acceptance of the goods, for example, a warehouse. Act on the shortage to be made after the audit, a specially appointed Commission. In the form you have to enter the date and the name of the accompanying document, that is the decision of the Commission.
Detection of marriage or shortage you must call the shipper to do this, send him a telegram, Fax or letter. Information about the notification specified in the actE.
In the document specify the details of the shipper, manufacturer, supplier and insurance companies (if the item was insured). Enter the number, the date of the supply agreement, and all data accompanying documents (invoice, factURS, invoice, etc.).
Email method of delivery (e.g. railway transport), select a point of departure and arrival, unloading and loading of goods under a bill of lading.
Continue completing the next page. Here you must specify information about the delivery. In the table will include data such as type of packaging, number of seats, plenty of cargo - all this information you have to rewrite the supporting documents.
In the table below, you should specify fact- diffraction data, highlight discrepancies. Enter and date of opening the package. Be sure to specify the conditions of storage of the goods by the recipient; if the party came by rail, write for information about unloading, container condition at the time of acceptance of the goods and availability of seals.
On the next page you have to fix methods of determining differences, for example, weighing, measuring, etc. Describe in detail all of the defects, possible causes of their occurrence. In the end, be sure to specify the Commission's opinion, put the signatures of all members, including the chair. Then you sign the act about the shortage at the head of the organization and the chief accountant. The head must approve the act.