If the warranty period has not yet come to an end, make two copies of the statement of claim in which ask to return money for defective goods, describing the situation with his damage. Take them together with the goods in the shop and give one of them the administrator. The second copy with a note of the administrator on receipt of leave. If the storewill refuse to accept your claim, send it certified mail with the notification.
After that, the store may send the examination thing, proving a manufacturing defect or fault of the buyer. In the first case, the store is obliged to return the money to the buyer for the goods or to replace it with another swimsuit equivalent to the cost. This examination is for the buyer free of charge.
To return money for defective goods, according to law, the shop shall, within 10 days. If he does not do so within that period, the buyer is entitled to liquidated damages in the amount of 1% of the item price. In the case when the examination found a marriage in the product, and the store refuses to return the money, contact the court.
To return the swimsuit in the store you can also in the first two weeks from the date of purchase, if it does not fit your style, size, shape or colour. The product should be marketable condition (tags, packaging and other), and you have on hand to stay a check on his purchase.
A shopyou don't want to take back swimwear, referring to the fact that this product belongs to the underwear. The latter, according to article 25 of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" included in the list of non-food goods of proper quality which are not subject to exchange or return. Thus, they introduce the buyer to deceive and violate the law, as a swimsuit refers to sports knitwear and, of course, be exchanged.