You will need
  • - apricot stone;
  • - a seedling of the apricot;
  • - rootstock;
  • - Sunny place in the garden;
  • - shovel;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - water.
To grow apricot from seeds, try to find bones local apricot trees, for their chances of survival much higher than at the southern fruit. In any case, plant a lot of seeds that sprouted at least a few.
Raise the bone from early July to early November. Note that when landing on the street most of them, most likely, will take squirrels, mice, gophers and other rodents, so it is best to plant in late autumn, before the freeze of the earth.
A month before planting, remove seeds and soak in soft water for three days. Change the water every day. Place the bones into sawdust or damp sand, put in a cool place. As soon as the weather permits, sow them in the field.
Select the location for planting the apricot tree. It should be a Sunny space protected from North and West winds by trees or buildings. Spring or fall put on it's place 30-50 kg of humus, 0.2-1 kg super phosphate, 2 kg of ash, 200-300 g of potassium sulfate.
Before planting, make a hill with a diameter of about 2 meters and a height of 0.5 meter to ensure that the roots do not podpravili. Make a hill out of the ordinary fertile land, but if you have clay soil, add broken brick and sand.
If your garden plants grow very densely, try to put apricot in a box or a barrel without a bottom (size not less than 1 m2).
If you have the ability to grow apricot with vaccinations, be sure to use it. Rootstocks can use plum, sloe, wild Manchurian apricot.
Vaccinated make at the end of April or may (before the SAP flow). Choose a dry, windless day and secure the Scion in the split and side cut (the thickness of the rootstock is thicker than the Scion) or improved coulibay (thickness the same). Slip into vaccinated plastic case which is clear as soon as you see the formed sheet.
Don't forget to water an apricot tree to produce a crop, to fertilize. After a few years it will delight you with a rich harvest.