Write a complaint to the store. In the header of the application indicate the organization name and Director name. Then enter your details, including contact telephone number. Then explain what your complaint is. Specify the date of purchase and product name. Like describe the problem that occurred to you after purchase. Write your requirements to the store. Please specify would you like to exchange the jeans or get your money back. Put the current date and personal signature.
Attach to the claim a receipt that confirm the purchase in this store. If the seller refuses to accept your application, send it to store email. You must submit a claim no later than 14 days after purchase, otherwise the return of goods will be impossible.
Guide an independent examination to establish that marriage. By law, the conduct of the study must pay that claim. Insist on his presence during the examination to avoid possible deception. If the seller refuses, ask for an officially signed statement to present it in court. But in this case, to pay for the examination will have at your expense. If the expert confirms that the defect has arisen through no fault of yours, the payment procedure, you will reimburse the store in the event of litigation.
Give the store a result of the examination. If the seller refuses to accept the goods back, contact a statement to the court. After the decision, the store will refund the cost of the goods, will pay for examination and possibly pay damages.