You will need
  • - a glass container;
  • pink acrylic;
  • - white acrylic;
  • - primer;
  • - nail file coarse;
  • - nail file with a fine grain;
  • - orange stick;
  • brush;
  • - shape;
  • - liquid;
  • brush.
Before you begin to build up acrylic nails, prep them: wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and sanitize each nail plate with a special spray (or antibacterial gel). If necessary, perform a dry manicure. Apply the softening composition (based on fruit acids) to the cuticle and after a while move it with the help of an orange stick.
File his nails, working the nail file in one direction. Using a brush with a large grain, clear top coat nail neat and easy movements, do not damage the cuticle. Remove formed after the processing of dust with a special brush.
Apply a thin layer of primer on the nail plate, try not to get the skin. After the liquid has dried, brush again all the nails with the primer. Take the mold and set it on the phalanx of a finger so that it was located under the corners of the nail, leaving no gaps. Carefully connect the ends of the form, it must accept the natural and correct curvature.
Pour into a glass container, the liquid, wet the brush and squeeze, it should remain practically dry. Take the brush a small ball of white acrylic, put on the form and a light touch will spread across the surface. Wet brush in the liquid and form a smile line. Pay attention to the fact that the acrylic slowly polymerizes. Align the end of the nail and the sides.
Form a ball of pink acrylic and apply it with a brush on the natural nail. White and pink layers should slightly overlap. Align the nail surface with light touches of the brush. Soak it in the liquid and apply a second bead of acrylic on the cuticle area (leave about one millimeter from the edge of the cuticle), align the surface and the sides.
Again soak the brush in the liquid and apply a third bead of powder in the stress area of the nail (the combination of white and pink layers) for strength, the surface should remain slightly moist. Wait for complete drying of the acrylic and remove the form. A coarse nail file will proceed to the alignment of the nail, bend the nail file at an angle, try not to hurt the skin. Abrade the surface of the acrylic nail fine nail file.
It remains to apply on nails topcoat of clear nail Polish to dry, lubricate the cuticle area with a special oil and spread over the length of the nail.