You will need
  • - shirt;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - braid;
  • - Laundry gum;
  • supplies for sewing.
Inspect and try on the shirt. If she's just tired of your husband, but it looks good and fits you not too loose, it can never alter. Choose a suitable tie that closes the clasp, and wear a new blouse with a business suit.
From a large enough shirt to make a blouse with ruching. In this case, you can do without a pattern. Fight back the collar and placket. Cut the portion of the fastener, where were the buttons. Expand the neck. Can be cut from cardboard a semicircle, the inner diameter of which is equal to the poluobhvat neck, and the outer 5-7 cm longer. Align the inner diameter of the patterns with neckline and outer circle. Cut the top of the shelves and back on the planned line.
Center shelves vsheyte a suitable width of the tape. It should be a little longer than most items to the insert it was possible to bend down.
Take the facing of the neck. It is a 2 half width is 4-5 cm Length of the inner arc is equal to the neckline shelves and back. Don't forget to leave a seam. Treat the neck. In the resulting insert kulisku gum.
Cut off the cuffs and sew the incisions, if any. Fold and hem the sleeves, insert the rubber bands. You can do straight wide sleeves with lace inserts. Cut the bottom part about halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. Themselves lower fragments of wing length (cuffs are cut in any case). Vsheyte between the parts of the lace strips or braid.
The details of the shirt can be used as large pieces of cloth. This is useful if the shirt is big, and you want to do something substantially smaller, for example, a strict narrow blouse. Strut your shirt, wash and athlete details. The cutting rule is simple: you cut it the details of the new blouse of the same. Generally try to use what is, to the maximum. It is possible for a new blouse to sew even a much larger collar. Cut it in half, remove as much as you need and sew again. The seam should be the back. You can also take already processed the cuffs and pockets.