Start working with publishers. It often happens that a story is, and the illustrations are missing. Here, journalists often turn to freelance photographers sometimes buy images in stock photography. But the photo taken specifically for the material is always better, as it is unique. To start working with print media, make an appointment and bring samples of their work. Leave the coordinates for communication. If your pictures impress the staff of a magazine or newspaper, they will contact you.
You can sell your images for printing. High-quality photos of attractions and displays of emotion are always needed: they need to cards, calendars, newsletters, and so on. You can either try to negotiate with the publisher about how to shoot for them or to bring existing images and sell them. In small towns most common themes are landscapes, beautiful photos of children and animals.
Good way to earn money is to work directly with people. Shooting events and weddings is a profitable option. Prepare a portfolio, give advertising, make your site on the Internet. Customer search and promotion – is a topic for a separate discussion. But if you put your mind to beautiful to photograph people, then you will succeed in this business.
Quite popular today the kind of photo services – individual photo shoot. If you have a good working imagination and you are able to stir up a person to "reveal" him in the photos, this method will allow you very good money. It is useful to purchase some props to enhance the pictures, and to choose a Studio that can be rented for a while if necessary.
Photostocks – the theme that is gaining popularity. Today, many publications easier to buy a ready-made picture than to agree about shooting and wait for the result, which may not hold. The drains of the selection of photos is just huge, you can find everything you need on virtually any subject. Try to upload pictures of the highest possible quality, as the larger the image size, the higher her price, the greater the percentage you receive in the end. If a person wants to purchase your photo in good quality, it is necessary that he had the opportunity.
You can organize a private exhibition, and then sell the work. If your shots hanging in the salons and galleries, people who appreciate a good author photo, it will be easier to notice them. Perhaps someone with pleasure would buy your work, you need to give a chance to notice them.