You will need
  • - application form;
  • - the Charter of the LLC;
  • - the law on LLC;
  • - financial statements;
  • - form р13001;
  • - the company seal;
  • - form of agreement of purchase and sale.
The law regulating the activities of OOO, written order of the participants ' withdrawal from society. As a rule, the Director of the company with the authority about this decision. This right is set out in the Charter when the organization was established. In this case, a statement requesting exclusion from the composition of the founders address of the sole Executive body of the company – Director General. If the constituent document provides that the determination of the composition of participants is the responsibility of the Council of founders, make a statement to the Chairman of the electoral body , OOO. Send the document by mail to the legal address of the enterprise, if the person to be taken from your statement, the founders give up.
The Council of members is drawn up, stating the fact of your expulsion from the founders. The document is stamped, signatures of each participant. In some cases, when the right to determine the composition of the participants , OOO is delegated to the Director, the latter the order is issued. In substantial part prescribes the fact of your exit from OOO.
Within six months from the date of filing , the LLC is obliged to pay you the actual value of your shares. This value is determined on the basis of financial statements the year in which you wrote the application. Some companies call the appraiser to calculate the value of the share at market prices.
As a rule, in the statutes , OOO prescribe the order of priority of persons to whom the possible transfer of the share of the released party. If in the founding document stated that the first candidates are the founders sell their part of one of the founders. Make a contract of sale, assure the seal of the society signature of the person who transferred the right to use shares of its signature.
Then society filled statement (form р13001). The sheet G of this form fit your personal information, put a check mark in the column of the termination entitlements. This document is sent to the registering authority, the new edition of the Charter, the Protocol (or the order). Based on the submitted information changes in EGRUL.