You will need
  • - liquid nails;
  • sealant;
  • - nails without the cap;
  • adhesive (tube);
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - brush or thin spatula.
Arched corners is able to align any design of the arch, even if it has bumps and blemishes made during installation. They bend due to the applied cuts and take perfectly smooth shape, while maintaining the desired position. And to strengthen the arched angle is quite simple. You can choose the corners of plastic or of cork. The latter more amenable to bending because of his elasticity.
Make sure that the surface on which you will mount the arched corner was dry and clean, not to crumble. There should not be traces of dust and grease.
Plastic arched Polynesia on the inner part of the product liquid nails and attach to the wall. Try to do it carefully and precisely, because to fix it will be quite difficult. If you are not sure what the angle is of the desired form, first try it on, and then use the sticky part.
Instead of liquid nails to get the sealant or regular nails without hats. The latter may be required if the area is quite heavy. But keep in mind that their goal should be very careful on the shiny surface not cracks and chips.
Cork arched polgoroda mix the glue and spread it on both glued parts. Wait 15-20 minutes until it is absorbed glue. It needs to moisturize the surface, but not be sticky to the touch. Attach the corner to the wall, just observing all the curves, and press. Be careful, the correction of unsuccessful bonding to be practically impossible.
Watch out to avoid air bubbles. In a few minutes holding the structure with one hand, the other tap it with a rubber mallet. Speakers remove the glue residue immediately with a cloth. So the glue has completely hardened, it takes from 30 to 60 minutes.
Cork arched corners, unlike plastic, does not have coverage. So they can be applied in almost any case, because the color and finish you can choose the color of the walls or Wallpaper.