From the first minute you have to make a good impression on your interlocutor, so you need to prepare for interview in English language. Be prepared for the fact that the introductory part of the talk will focus on the establishment of contact and you can ask about how business easily whether you found your way and do you like the weather. Respond calmly, confidently and friendly, politely and briefly. Based on these responses, your interviewer may form an impression about the level of knowledge of the language and your communicative abilities.
The main issues that will interest your interlocutor received you education and experience. Education can be assigned the years of training in high school, College, and the training and special courses that you have completed recently. Speaking about the experience, you should mention any activity that directly or indirectly connected with the performance of duties for this vacancy.
Prepare in advance a short story about it and the answers to those questions that may arise. Correctly use verbs in the past and the present tense, talking about where you worked and what you do now.
The form of interview involves dialogue, so be prepared to hold a conversation instead of listing the facts of his biography. Consider and formulate answers to questions about what draws you to work in this company, what are your goals and aspirations. The employer may be interested in the reason you left your last place of work, and how your supervisor evaluated the results.
Be prepared to discuss features and qualities of his character which may help or hinder the execution of the work, as well as those which give an idea about your Outlook – membership in club or Association, a hobby.
If the position for which you are applying, leadership, consider the responses on the leadership style that you practice, and prepare examples of how you have overcome problems with staff their unwillingness or inability to work.
Be sure to prepare and ask interview questions that will be included in your responsibilities, who will be your supervisor, how you will account to him.