You will need
  • - threads;
  • hook;
  • - the spokes;
  • - pearls or beads;
  • - needle for beads;
  • - the thin thread.
To make the yarn with beads, take a needle for beads (if you have large beads, you can take a regular needle, as long as it was held in the hole of the bead). Pass the needle in the usual thread for sewing (about 10-20 cm) and tie the knots together. Thus, on the needle you form a loop.
Thread inside the loop of thread, knitting thread, like the eye of a needle, a little stretch, so it will not slip out. Now on the needle and put the beads on stretch thread for knitting. To start, complete 1-1,5 meters thick thread next to the beads.
If you prefer a hook, tie a cloth columns without nakida, leaving the beads on the outside of the canvas (in this method of knitting the beads to be more densely located). Dial a chain of loops of the desired length, and then expand the knitting.
Left index finger, slide one bead to the hook and press down firmly on the middle finger of the right hand. Continuing to hold her back, proverite the loop, hooking the thread behind the bead.
Knit this way all the loops. When dialed, the beaded ends, cut the thread, press again a number of beads, tie the ends of yarn and continue knitting.
To knit with beadsbefore start vyvazhivanie loop, pull a bead right up to the beginning of the thread. Then provarite the loop, as usual, while beads will remain on the front side of the canvas.
To the beads was from the front side when promazyvanie purl rows, place a bead not to the very beginning of the thread, leave a small distance.
If you are using large beads or beads, try to put them in the mating process. To do this, locate the hook is very small and put on his bead. Remove the loop from the needles and hooking its hook, put the bead on the loop. Return the loop back and provarite as usual.
To while knitting to patterns of beads before starting, make a diagram. In the process promazyvaya loops with beads only when required by the scheme.