Fill out the top of the statement. Indicate to the Prosecutor what district or area you are applying for, as well as his name and initials. Write basic information about yourself and your contact phone number.
In the body of the application email your name, surname and patronymic. Then you Refine who you are – the owner or tenant of the apartment. The next line specify the address of the dwelling.
How would you describe the essence of his address: specify the date after which you have a claim to a service company. Then tell us which service and in what form you are provided with, and confirm the extent of its inconsistency with the norm.
So the claim was not unfounded, first of all, let's address a complaint in housing. Write the application in 2 copies, one to take it to the management company and register in the log of incoming documents. Employee housing should be put on the second option claim date of adoption, registration number, your name, post and seal. Lack of response to your complaint and becomes the basis for the proceedings in the Prosecutor's office.
The next line must list all documents that confirm your problem. This second instance of the application in housing and communal services, and expert opinion, if it was carried out. Specify the requirements that you impose the management company and the degree of satisfaction. Then list the documents that you have given the answer. If your complaint of housing has not reacted, be sure to leave feedback.
Now write, what rights, in your opinion, violates the company and what law it is regulated. Specify as grounds of article 27-31 FZ "On protection of consumer rights".
Formulate their demands to the Prosecutor's office in relation to the measures that should be applied to the housing, and liabilities which the latter should perform. Mark the date and signature. Make a complaint in 2 copies and one is bound to Express itself.