First decide what channels you would like to watch, it will determine the choice of the operator of the satellite and the equipment. So, if you want to watch the main Russian channels, you can choose a set of equipment from the "Tricolor TV". In this case, you can receive the channels ORT, Rossia, NTV, Kultura, TNT, Sports, News, Petersburg, Ren TV, Zvezda, CTC, and the Union. Broadcasting is carried out from the satellite EutelSat W4. In addition, you change the position of the plates will be available and some free channels from EutelSat, including such well-known as TV-3 and Chanson.
Set of equipment from the "Tricolor TV", with installation, will cost about 8-9 thousand rubles. During the year, you will get the opportunity to adopt a package "Optimum", that will give you the chance to watch around 70 channels. In the future you will be able to watch free to air channels only or to renew your subscription for 600 rubles a year. As of today, "Tricolor TV" can be considered one of the best connectivity options.
You can take the advantage of the "NTV-PLUS", one of the most famous satellite television operators. After the appearance of "Tricolor TV", offering very low prices, "NTV-PLUS" has introduced a package of "light" cost 99 rubles per month. For the money, you can watch 37 channels, including the main Federal. The set of equipment is offered from 7 thousand rubles, without installation and of 9 with installation. By purchasing a package "light", you get two years to watch it for free. It broadcasts from the same satellite as that of the "Tricolor TV".
Another major player in the satellite TV market is "rainbow TV". For a fee of 50 rubles per month (network access) you will be able to watch about 30 channels, including Federal. For a surcharge, 270 rubles per month, you can connect the Base package, you can access more than 80 channels. Broadcasting is done from the satellite ABS 1. Set of equipment without installation costs about 4 thousand rubles. With installation – about 6 thousand.
Fans of high-definition television can take the advantage of the operator "Platforma HD". Offered two packages: "Platform HD" (high definition television) for television, working with such a signal, and "Platform DV" (television of high definition) for viewing on modern flat panel TVs. Annual subscription to an HD – 4800 rubles for package DV – 900 rubles. Broadcast by satellite Eurobird 9A. The cost of the equipment without installation is about 14 thousand rubles. With the installation of 16 thousand.