Register your channel as a new media. To solve this issue can resort to the services of specialized companies. In turn for registering a new channel, you need to come up with the name, consider the frequency of the outputs on the air to describe the intended format of the channel and how greatly he will be able to broadcast and who would be the target audience.
Consider which topics you will cover and what part on your channel can be defined for advertising. In this case please note that the deadline for registration usually takes no more than one calendar month.
Pay the state fee. Its size can vary depending on the areas of broadcasting, its scope, and subjects claimed a television channel. If you draw a channel as an individual, then for registration you only need photocopy of passport.
Place the announcement of the new channel on the forums of different professional groups of journalists, and the specific resources devoted to television topics. At the same time try to outline the proposal concept of the channel and formulate the criteria by which you will be able to select employees. For example, staff requirements may include the following: experience from 1 year, professionalism, interest in the subject of your channel, the ability to work in a strong team. Next, enter your email address so people can mail you their resumes, then review them all and assign interviews.
Discuss with each potential employee of his vision for the future of the channel and what proportion of work it can take on. Remember that your task is to set the creative professional team.
Purchase special equipment for the production of a television program. Funds for acquisition can take to the Bank, filling out a loan. It will be easy to do if you create a channel commercial orientation. In this case, the Bank will have certain guarantees that you will repay the loan.
Secure for each staff member in one direction, which he has oversight - culture, cars, sports, children, etc., depending on the categories you have chosen a TV channel.