Boost your immunity Vitaminstor sold in the pharmacy, very often contain alcohol, so a expectant mother must not take them. In addition, the herbal Immunostimulants such as Echinacea, genset, Schizandra and Rhodiola rosea increase the pressure and make the heart of the baby to work at a furious pace. Follow with a natural immunostimulant, which does not give this effect. RUB on a small grater horseradish root and mix with sugar in proportion 1:1 and leave in a warm place. In 12 hours, squeeze through cheesecloth juice and take it at 1 tablespoon per hour during the exacerbation of cold symptoms.
Stop runny nose Vasoconstrictor drops "Naphazoline", you can only apply at the peak of the disease. Be sure to follow the instructions and use as much as recommended. The danger of vasoconstrictor drops that are applied to the vessels of the placenta and disrupts the blood supply to the fetus. If you can – try to do without them. Take salt on the tip of a knife and dissolve it in a glass of water. Rinse the nose with this solution using a syringe. Or place a drop on the basis of sea water or saline, akvamaris. Relieve nasal congestion with help of balm "Asterisk" - apply it on the nose and temples.
Heat Lying in a hot tub or steam leg is impossible, since there is a real danger to stimulate premature labor. Under hot water you can heat only the hands. Allowed to dry heat – wrap the neck kerchief or a scarf, wear wool socks. At night they can sprinkle a little mustard powder.
Gargle with infusion of herbs Make a collection for rinsing: chopped birch leaves, sage and eucalyptus in the ratio of 1:3:2. One tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiled water, closing the lid, for 15 minutes and strain.
Breathe over the steam of the decoction to cure a cough Until it's dry, make a decoction of camomile, sage, lime and plantain. These plants have anti-inflammatory effect and soothe the mucous membranes of the bronchi. After a couple of days start to make a decoction of bilberry leaf, rosemary, succession and yarrow. These herbs have expectorant action.
Replenish the vitamins Excess vitamins are dangerous not their fault. So do not take drugstore vitamins without consulting a doctor. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink fresh juices. Vitamins from the foods ingested only as necessary.
Take Antigrippin Homeopathic balls that need to dissolve, it is absolutely harmless. Feeling unwell, dissolve 5 pellets every 15-30 minutes. More drink is needed when cold.