Decide what area of expertise you want to do. The most popular areas such as assessment of vehicles and their damage. However, there is opportunity to work in areas such as private real estate inspection, study of handwriting, accounting documents and forensic examination. It is possible to combine several destinations in one and the same enterprise.
Become an individual entrepreneur or open in your name new legal entity. For this you need to contact the office of the Federal tax service for the community. There you will be told what documents will be required in a particular case.
Find specialists for the examination. They must have specialized education, e.g. engineering. Also desirable experience in the field of assessment and examination. If you are going to work independently as an expert, you will also need to obtain a diploma.
Log in to one of the self-regulatory organizations - SRO. They are engaged in monitoring the activities of independent expertise, and without entering into their structure can not carry out a full range of assessment activities. To do this, select an appropriate profile of SRO. This can be done using the following information catalogue - Then gather the necessary documents. Usually it includes the founding documents of your organization, as well as evidence about the qualifications of the experts working in it. Upon approval of your application pay the application fee and get a document stating that your firm is part of SRO.