You will need
  • - sticker;
  • phone;
  • - tweezers
  • - a cotton ball;
  • - a little bit of alcohol or degreasing agents;
  • dry cloth;
  • - Hairdryer.
Clean the phone from dust and dirt. Pay special attention to buttons, camera and other recesses, so as to most quickly become clogged with dust particles. Wipe the device with alcohol or a drop of degreasing agents. Residues of chemicals, remove the damp cloth and then wipe the surface.
Pry the edge of the sticker with tweezers and separate it from the substrate. If possible, try not to touch the sticky layer, but if it happened, don't worry, since the adhesive properties will not deteriorate. In accordance with the model of your phone and the sticker you selected all the holes on it already done. Carefully remove these unwanted parts, applying slight pressure on them.
Slowly try on the sticker, but don't press down much it to the frame. Make sure that the camera hole coincides and not covers it. Attach the edge of the sticker against the case, if you have done this procedure on crooked, peel off and repeat the process again. Importantly, during peeling not to pull too hard, otherwise stikker can be deformed, and then the holes for camera and keys will not be able to match the task for which they were intended.
When one edge tightly and lay flat on the phone, build out the rest. Gently press the body in order to efficiently fix the position of the sticker.
Smooth the surface with a soft cloth or tissue. This will allow to get rid of air bubbles that emerged during the process.