Find and download any engine.
Next, write your fantasies into a branched algorithm according to the principle: "if", "then", "else", specifying the event and its outcome.
Here are the basic steps for the simplified version of the Constructor games. Includes basic chips: "start", "fork", "win", "lose", identical to the one move in the game.
In the editor window, specify the name of the course (in the same field), add a picture upon request, form the problem statement (field, "text"), linked this step with the following (by clicking on the "plus"), setting text links. Save, choose a new piece (by clicking "new"). And so on.
Based on this concept, you can create fascinating text RPG, fantasy interactive, instructional and other, as well as to spice up your favorite images, add sound effects to encrypt the game, create a primary boot file, etc.
Key recommendations: in detail, consider the map of the game, putting it on an interesting plot; highlight the mandatory chain and the possible (optional), to anticipate the logic of the player; stimulate interest in the game, complicating the task using attractive bonuses, an unexpected outcome, etc. in short, make their own history.