You will need
  • Restorer enamel, hair dryer, degreaser, automotive putty light shade, sandpaper fine grit, enamel bath, Kohler, abrasive polishing paste.
In specialized stores presents reducing enamel coatings. Restorers enamel will help to get rid of scratches, chips and cracks. Pre-process an emery paper fine grit to be the restoration of the surface, degrease with solvent or gasoline, wipe dry. Do not wipe the prepared surface with a cloth – will be lint and dust. For drying, use a Hairdryer.
Apply with a brush, which is included in the scope of a reducing agent, a thin layer of reducing agent which will give an opportunity to repair the chipped tub. After the first coat is dry, if necessary apply a second coat. Enamel fully hardens after 24 hours.
If you buy the restorer of the enamel is not possible to remove the chip it is possible the other way. Clean the chip or crack in the steel color with the help of sandpaper, dry it thoroughly with a Hairdryer, a degrease clean area with acetone. Prepare and apply on a chip automotive putty, allow to dry for approximately 15-30 minutes (depending on grade putty).
After drying putty, sand it with sandpaper so that there were irregularities and bumps. Sweep produce a little pressure in order to coat was slightly below the level of the main surface. Therefore, the enamel will form more evenly. Again, degrease and dry.
Prepare the enamel in accordance with the instructions in the manual. If necessary, the composition add color. Enamel place of cleavage. Allow to dry. After drying enamel, RUB the treated area with emery nulevkoy. Then abrade with a piece of felt and polishing paste.