In order to increase the volume of the music on the player, you can work with the volume of the original track. For this you will need to download and install the editor for audio files. Optimal options are Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge. These editors support faster processing and better compression quality after treatment. In order to handle the track, load it into the editor, then normalize, carefully watching the harmony of the track. Save the processing result on the hard disk of the computer.
The fastest option to increase volume for few songs is to use the program mp3gain. This program is able to perform only one function - to raise the level of the sound track, but it is able to process several files simultaneously, in contrast to the above music editors. Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer. Then boost the volume of tracks for downloading to the player.
In case you have on the player there is an equalizer you can also use it in order to increase the volume of the music. All you have to do is to put all the frequencies of the equalizer to maximum, then save this setting. Be careful that in the race for the volume of the music has not lost its sweetness.