As you know, for good quality you have to pay. This also concerns the important for any individual sphere as the repair of the apartment. This is a very laborious process that requires not only money, but also nerves and do it again for at least another 8-10 years no one wants.
Therefore, it is important to try to choose high-quality materials to furnish your home, to avoid the rapid loss of their essential properties. Excluding aesthetics of suspended ceilings, considerable importance is their practical use. In this case, the quality of materials becomes more problematic.
The first place among the suspended ceilings is the material of French origin. Accordingly, they have higher cost, so the market of goods for repair, you can find a lot of fakes. How to distinguish quality from mediocrity and not to overpay?
Rate the smell of stretch fabrics. French material does not smell, and second-rate, for example, in China, due to the production of PVC is of poor quality remain sharp smell that did not erode.
Check the quality certificates from when contacting a company to install the ceilings. These documents characterize the hygienic characteristics of products, in particular certificates on environmental and fire safety, sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, test report, certificate of conformity etc.
Study the documents carefully, they can also be faked. In this regard, try to contact the firm that has good recommendations from your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. If none is found, then go to large companies that have multiple offices or branches. These firms already have a reputation in the market, you will overpay for their services a certain amount, but be sure in the quality.
And, in the end, if you still are not lucky and you overpaid for a fake, then learn about it, you can, if unpleasant situation arises: you fill the neighbors above. These ceilings French quality will retain water and after its removal (specialists of the company) will fully restore its shape. Fake, alas, can not withstand such tests, and repairs will have to start again.