You will need
  • - Iphone;
  • program Backgrounder;
  • - computer, which syncs with the Iphone.
Install this app from Sydia. Open it on the phone in the search box, type the name of the utility - Backgrounder. This program is absolutely free.
Can also download it via the Internet to your computer. Place it in the folder where the program will be stored. Do not move her! Otherwise, when you synchronize Iphone will be able to identify the location of the program.Connect your phone to computer, sync via iTunes. Download Backgrounder Iphone in hand.
After the utility is loaded into the phone, not looking for it among the other icons: Backgrounder does not mean its presence on the Iphone since it has no interface. To check out her work, it is necessary to open any app.
To minimize an open application, press the Home button. Hold for about three seconds. The screen will display a message like Backgrounder Enabled (which means that Backgrounder is running). Can run any other app.
To start a minimized application, press and hold 2-3 seconds Home button. The screen shows a message that the Background is disabled (Background Disabled).