You will need
  • - material;
  • - lining material;
  • pattern details children's shirts;
  • - needle;
  • - threads;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - buttons;
  • - accessories for decoration.
Take an old child's shirt as a basis for the pattern. Strut it at the seams and get ready details, which can cut the new material. The edges of the cut parts new shirts finish with a serger or other lines designed to handle the edges.
The second option. Cut out shirt child finish the pattern. You can use ready-made patterns, patterns, is presented in specialized journals in cut and sew, and can make a pattern yourself. Using any of these methods, don't forget when cutting to leave a margin of two centimeters of the allowances in the stitching of the product. Cut out the product in the direction of the grain lines. Raskroyu material, start sewing.
Bend allowance for processing fasteners on the underside of the shirt and Sametime. Prepare cut yoke. On top of the shirt Sametime two soft folds. Sew yoke to back shirt casting seam. To face the lower yoke face put shelves and sew. Section of the upper yoke fold and sew the edge.
Stock collars with gasket. Stitch the upper and lower collars, and the seam Ratatouille. To the top collar, baste the lining, sew the top and bottom parts of the collar, cut the corners, turn, smooth, and then attrocity.
Take a stand with the gasket. On the face of the top column face place the lower collar and the upper face of the collar place the bottom rack face. Baste and stitch, not Dashiva stand down on the width of the seam allowance.
On the underside of the shirt, place the front side of the bottom rack, aligning the middle. The free edge of the lower rack fold and sew the edge.
Treat the bottom of the sleeves. If the sleeve is sewn into the closed armhole, bottom seam sewn and the shoulder area going on two machine lines. If the sleeve is sewn into the open armhole, the side seam of the shirt and the bottom seam of the sleeve is not sewn. Shoulder sleeves gather in two lines, aligning middle sleeve with shoulder line, spawn and sewn sleeve. Slices are treated together and then sew the bottom seam of sleeve and side seam of the shirt. Do likewise with the other side of the shirt, sew the sides of the product.
Sew and cut buttonholes. Sew buttons. If desired, you can decorate the product with stickers, patches, or embroidery. Products iron. Shirt ready.