You will need
  • - horsetail;
  • - boiling water.
For the prevention of infectious diseases, excretion of salts of heavy metals prepare an infusion of horsetail. 2 teaspoons powdered herb horsetail pour 0.2 liters of boiling water, insisted in an hour, drink small SIPS throughout the day. The course of treatment – 5-7 days.
For rinsing in inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, the treatment of festering wounds, ulcers prepare a decoction of horsetail. Tablespoon chopped herbs pour the horsetail evening with 350 ml of cold water. In the morning, putting on a slow fire, boil for half an hour. Cool, strain. Do lotions on the affected areas of the skin three times a day. The throat should gargle 5-6 times a day. The course of treatment – 5-14 days depending on the need.
In diseases of the bladder, lung disease, internal bleeding, gallstones, malaria, rheumatism and gout prepare an infusion of horsetail. 4 teaspoons chopped herbs pour 500 ml of boiling water in a thermos and insisted for 2 hours, filter. Drink the filtrate in the course of the day in small SIPS. The course of treatment – up to three weeks.
To strengthen hair, improve their structure and accelerated growth of prepare a decoction of horsetail. Take 30 grams of chopped herbs and Bay it in the evening 500 ml of cold water, infuse till morning. In the morning, put on a slow fire and bring to a boil, simmer for half an hour. Allow to brew for 4 hours and then filter. After each wash hair rinse them for two months.