Melanoma is the disease which is very important to identify at the earliest stage, because in development it is almost not treatable. So to save your own life, try to always pay attention to your moles. In this case, better safe than sorry.
If the external inspection you notice that a mole is something wrong, immediately seek medical advice. Doctors have identified several signs of trouble moles that should cause concern:
In normal condition nevus are a symmetric shape, and in suspicious cases, no (lose their rounded shape). They usually have a clear border region. If something is wrong, edge is blurred.
Nevi of different color or has multiple shades, it is better to show the doctor. Most normal moles have one color, at least – includes lighter and darker shades.
You should always check large moles (more than 6-7 mm), even if no other nasty signs there. Note the sharp change of their number.
Particular care should treat such entities people with light skin and freckles – they are more susceptible to the disease. But blacks should not be complacent – they could get sick. At risk are those people who have relatives patients with melanoma.
If you suspect melanoma in a medical facility doing a biopsy – cell analysis of moles, which confirms or denies the presence of malignant changes in cells. If it is melanoma, you should as soon as possible to determine the stage of the disease and the extent of it. Melanoma can only be on the skin in a particular place, but also spread to blood or lymph to the tissues of the body, creating metastases.
Biopsy determines the thickness of the melanoma and its distribution in the skin depth. Then it turns out whether she lymph. For this purpose, ultrasonic investigation of its occurrence and lymph nodes. If necessary, is also carried out and a biopsy of the lymph node.
To find out if this disease to other organs through the blood, the doctor prescribes procedures such as blood tests, chest x-ray, ultrasound, computer, magnetic resonance and position emission tomography. All these complex studies help determine how the disease spread in the human body, and to decide what means she must be treated.