You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • address of the passport of Karaganda;
  • - telephone directory of the city of Karaganda.
We turn to the most popular social networks such as "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", Facebook, tvitter, "My world". In the search bar, enter the information about the wanted person (name, place of residence, age, etc.) to search in full, you will have to register in each of these networks.
Browse the directory of the city of Karaganda, in electronic or paper format. On the Internet there are similar databases and knowing the name of the person and the region of residence, it is possible to find a phone number that belongs to this subscriber. An example of such a website can be a resource located at:
Enter the name of the person sought and the city in which it is presumed (in this case – Karaganda) in the search bar of your program browser. If the person you are looking fore lecturing about yourself any information anywhere on the Internet, you will receive a response to your request. If the person is an official representative of the government or has any other business relationship with the public, perhaps it has its own site on the Internet with personal contacts for the purpose of feedback.
Visit the official website of TV program "Wait for me": Sign up and fill out the questionnaire, specify who you're looking for and where. At the same time here you can check are you typing your details in the special line. In addition to this site in the Internet there are many such communities that provides assistance in finding people in various countries around the world. Generally, services at these sites is free.
Make a formal request in writing to the passport office of the city, ask to specify the place of residence of the searched person. Such a letter can be sent either by email or by conventional.