You will need
  • Software:
  • - Mozilla Firefox;
  • - Google Chrome;
  • - Opera;
  • - Internet Explorer.
The Mozilla Firefox Browser. The easiest way is to right click on the link and choose "Open in new tab" context menu. Also, this action can be performed while pressing the hotkey, in the case of Firefox clicking on the middle mouse button (scrool – wheel).
The Google Chrome Browser. Compared to last opponent all actions aimed at opening new tabs remain the same. Open the context menu clicking right mouse button and select ""Open in new tab"". If you examine this menu, you will see a line "Open in incognito". This mode opens the link in a new window, but pages viewed through this mode are not cached, that gives a level of data protection.
As hot keys are used the middle mouse button and Ctrl + click the left mouse button. It is worth noting that Shift + click opens the link in a new window. In some cases, it is sufficient to capture the link with the mouse and move in the free space of the tab bar.
Opera Browser. To open window in new tab, click Ctrl and click on the active link or when you click the mouse hold down Ctrl + Shift – this will open a window in the background tab. Also this browser has a rule command from the context menu of the link. Click on the selection with the middle mouse button to go to the open tab.
The Internet Explorer Browser. Click on the link, right-click and select "Open in new tab". You can also just drag the object onto the tab bar to open it.