You will need
  • - User guide to access the hard drive.
Start with a form factor hard drive. You can often find models, the width of which is 3.5 or 2.5 inches. External hard drives the first category quite bulky and heavy. Most often, these hard drives require a power connection from 220 Volts. This fact significantly reduces their mobility. Two major advantages of external hard drives form factor 3.5 inches is a large disk capacity and high speed information processing.
The next important characteristic is the capacity of the disk. Modern USB drives can have a capacity from 250 GB (2.5) to several terabytes (3.5). Do not skimp on the purchase of a hard disk of small volume, if this is not necessary.
The third important characteristic is the processing speed. It is divided into several main parameters: spindle speed and the speed of information exchange between the host and the device to which it is connected. In that case, if you care about high speed data transmission, purchase an external hard drive with USB 3.0 or eSATA.
Pay attention to the available interfaces external hard drive. To connect with most devices, such as a personal computer or a TV, it is recommended to use the USB channel.
Pay attention to the design external hard drive. In this case we are talking not only about appearance. Some USB hard drives endowed with a metal casing. It slightly increases their weight, but can improve the strength of the device.
Some external hard drives require the connection of two USB connectors. Usually through one transmitted and the other is required to supply the hard drive. Such drives is not always convenient to use with laptops and TVs.