Physiotherapy can be divided into several stages. To start gym you must workout, then do the main set of exercises and ends the practice of relaxation. Warm-up is necessary to warm up the muscles, gradually preparing them for the highest load. To warm up before beginning exercises, you just need to walk or do steps in place, you can also wave his arms.
After the warm-up can proceed to the main complex of exercises. Usually start with those exercises that are done in a standing position. This exercises for hands, neck, legs, bending, etc. Then move to the exercises on the floor. In conclusion, you need to give the muscles to relax and relieve stress. To do this, walk around the room slowly and breathe evenly and deeply.
Performing a gymnast you need to watch your breath. This exercise is done on the inhale, as you return to the starting position. Try to understand this rule. Proper breathing combined with physical exercises will have a positive effect on your body as a whole.