You will need
  • - Paragon Disk Manager.
  • - Windows XP installation CD.
The main problem with installing a relatively old operating system is the lack of drivers for some devices. Most often there are no necessary files for successful reading of the hard drive. In the case of the laptopAcer use AMI utility Paragon Disk Manager.
Download ISO image of a multiboot disk that contains this utility. It is worth noting that the disk can be located and other programs. This will not affect the performance of Disk utility Manager.
Burn the. ISO to a DVD using Nero or Iso File Burning. Insert the received disk drive in the laptopand turn on your computer. Open the BIOS and set the boot priority to the DVD drive. Find the configuration menu for the SATA devices, and select the ATAPI.
Reboot your device and wait for the launch of Paragon Disk Manager. Delete all partitions on the hard disk. Create a new volume with the file system FAT32 or NTFS.
After performing the described operations to eject the disk with the program Disk Manager and insert the drive installation disk Windows XP operating system. Restart the laptop and run the installation by following the prompts step by step menu.
After installation of operating system components in the drive insert a disk containing the program Sam Drivers (Driver Pack Solution). Better to take care of the creation of such a disk, because after you install Windows XP network adapters laptopand can not work properly.
Install the necessary drivers for the mobile computer. Make sure create a system restore point. This will return the operating status of the OS if the installation of incorrect drivers. Restart the laptop and check the operation of important devices.