You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money for purchase of housing;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Find your apartment in Moscow. This can be done through various free classified ads newspaper, as broad topics, and focus specifically on the real estate. A lot of ads you can find in the newspaper "hand in hand" and other publications.
Use the search ads on Internet sites. Dedicated to Moscow , there are many, for example, and But the most complete database can be found on the portal CYANOGEN - In the system of the search site should select a desired area of Moscow and the Moscow region, the area of interest of housing, number of rooms, availability of public transport. The resulting search will give you plenty of options sorted by price, from cheap apartments to expensive. But note that in the system are placed different ads from private individuals, construction companies and real estate agencies. Note that when referring to the latest version you will have to pay Commission to the realtor even though you found this apartment. If this announcement provided false information, you can contact the management of the resource, and it will be removed.
Visit the apartment. If buying second homes, be especially attentive to detail. For example, find out. whether carried out major repairs of the building. For an old house it will be a plus. It is also desirable to see and the neighbors, perhaps, even to ask about what the situation there in the hallway, are there any problems with noise or with individual tenants.
Conclude an agreement of purchase and sale of housing. At this stage it is advisable to engage a lawyer who will help in preparing. In this case, that specialist will not be a mediator, and consultant, and his services will be cheaper than using a realtor.
Register the contract within the building. On his website you can find a ' foster in different administrative districts of Moscow
Make a cash settlement. It is best to produce it with the help of money transfer from the cell Bank or by wire transfer. This will ensure the security of the transaction.