You will need
  • The Program Cheat Engine.
Download and install on your computer special software, which changes the pace of the game, for example, Cheat Engine. You can download it from the Internet, then mandatory check data for viruses corresponding program. The installation is launched from this directory, double clicking the left mouse button on the file with the extension .exe.
Run flashgame on your computer. If the game runs in a browser, upload it and run the utility you recently installed Cheat Engine. You will see a small window in which you need to select the process with the game; if it is running from a browser, you must have a corresponding tab and the game should be fully loaded. Position the cursor on the process.
After you select the process for which game I want to slow down, check the box for Enable Speedhack, this function activates the monitoring of performance events in the game. In field Speed, move the pointer so that the game took the desired mode.
Please note that you can speed up the process. Usually there is a webpage, so make sure that it has not been in parallel running other games or programs that require large overhead. When you set the desired value for speed, necessarily click Enable.
When changes are made in the course of flash games that you start from the Internet, please note that often manufacturers is provided such a time, therefore, this method is not suitable for all games, especially these elements of social networks.