You will need
  • - passport (one of parents);
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - certificate of employment of parents;
  • - a document confirming the right to benefits (if any).
Come to the district monitoring Committee (Ostuzhev St., 14; Leninsky p-t, 93; lizyukova St., 30; street 20 years of October, 105/1; Nikitinskaya St., 8; building of home builders, 30). There bring a passport (a passport belonging to the mother or father of a child), certificate of employment of parents, birth certificate of the baby and the document confirming the right to benefits, if any (e.g., student ID or ID single mothers, military ID). Sample applications and necessary forms shall be placed on a table near the Cabinet.
Write the statement for statement on turn in a kindergarten. It details the necessary documents. Specify the time frame in which you want to place a child in the garden, as well as two or three companies that will suit you. The presence of residence in another district are irrelevant, parents have the right to send their children to kindergarten in the district of their actual residence.
Apply and get a certificate with the number of turns. Keep this certificate for as long as the child not go to kindergarten.
Call periodically to the regional Commission (Central R-n - (4732) 52-35-86; Train - (4732) 23-07-35; Soviet - (4732) 63-04-04; Kominternovskiy - (4732) 21-03-29; left Bank - (4732) 49-42-75 and Leninskiy R-n - (4732) 77-05-10) and find out how the process. Do it in the area where the registration with the monitoring Committee.
Expect a call from the kindergarten, when all they have to say. Or refer repeatedly to the Commission at the time of acquisition of kindergarten groups, it runs all summer, from 1 June to 31 August. A list post. Check the list if your name. There will get the permit on the basis of which will be enrollment of child in kindergarten.