Decide what will engage your organization registered in the form of IP. Select the types of economic activities NACE reference (at least 3).
If you are going to send documents by mail, please refer to the notary public and sign copies of all documents required for registration, namely:- passport (with permanent or temporary registration in Voronezh);- VAT;- social security number.
If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, but decided to register entrepreneur in Voronezh, you'll need notarized translation of your passport into the Russian language, as well as temporary residence permit or a residence permit.
Contact the tax office or ETSR (St. Karla Marksa, 46) and take the form for application for registration of IP in the form Р21001 or download it from sites or Specify in the application:- your name, gender, date of birth, nationality, address of residence, contact phone number;- passport data;- the types of economic activity.
Give the statement the list of documents required for registration. Assure him of a notary. Select the tax system and make a Declaration about tax registration by form UTII-2 (UTII), or 2-5-Accounting (STS).
Pay state fee in the prescribed amount. Imagine all the documents personally or mail them by registered mail to the address ETSR (394006, Voronezh, Karl marks str., 46). With them you can apply or forward and the statement on registration of extra-budgetary funds and Rosstat. If you are in the process of document preparation has any questions, please call the helpdesk ETSR: 39-39-36.
Get 5 working days the certificate of registration, the certificate on statement on the tax account, an extract from egrip, codes of statistics and notifications of extra-budgetary funds. To receive these documents by mail you can, showing your passport and the notice.