You will need
  • - threads;
  • - knitting needles.
If you are going to knit curtains crochetchoose the technique of crochet – fillet, Irish or Vologda lace, tatting.
Select a specific pattern, which will be performed by the product, and associate a test sample by which to calculate the density of knitting. It should be remembered that the sample should be not less than 10x10 cm, then it should be washed and ironed, and then measure the sample and calculate the density of the knitting.
The next preparatory step is measuring the size of the window for which will fit curtain hook (height and width), as well as the determination of the finished length of the product. In this case, consider the options of fixing the curtains to the eaves, the presence of loops or hooks.
When knitting the curtains on the finished model exactly match the window sizes for which it is recommended the finished product. When knitting in the technique of fillet lace pattern making is optional but desirable step in the preparation, when knitting in the Irish technique, be sure to make the pattern, and a preliminary sketch – it will help you calculate the specific number of different elements, and then arrange them to connect into a finished product. When knitting in the technique of Vologda lace be sure to perform a full or partial skolka things on which to work, mimicking the knitting bobbin.
The process of knitting usually occurs when you run the finished product General sheet or parts of it – unusual for fillet grid, when knitting in the technique of Vologda lace vivaselecta first few cords of sufficient length of which and will be the finished product with a hook of a smaller diameter. When Irish knitting you need to produce all the elements that will be involved in the pattern. To connect to the product they will be only at the final stage.
Wash the finished product in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations thread, and dry completely. Then a curtain of iron with a steam function and leave it on a horizontal surface to dry and cool. Only after this proceed to mount the curtains on the ledge.