You will need
    • Ripe bananas
    • 0.5 kg;
    • sugar
    • glass;
    • water
    • 2 cups;
    • glass jars;
    • tin can lid;
    • the key to rolling cans.
Before cooking the bananas, pay attention to their degree of maturity. If food is used even green bananas, jam only the ripest fruit. Too hard or already overripe fruits with symptoms of rot for boiling cannot be used.
Clean the fruit from the rind and chop into small pieces, the size of which should not exceed a few centimeters. If you want you can chop the fruit in a blender, achieving a homogeneous mass. But you can do without it, because in the process of cooking bananas will become like mush anyway.
Boil sugar and water thick syrup, in which put chopped bananas. The fire should be small, otherwise the cooked bananas will begin to burn to the bottom of cookware before you start to turn into jam.
Cook bananas over low heat in the syrup until then, until they are the consistency will not resemble jelly. Periodically stir the mixture to avoid burning.
After the density of jam will satisfy the requirements for it, it remains only to sterilized glass jars and cover them in a container of boiling water for several minutes. Pour the jam into containers and close lids using the key for rolling.