You will need
  • - ledge;
  • - textiles;
  • - imitation leather;
  • - furniture Board or plywood;
  • furniture, stapler;
  • - a drill or screwdriver.
Pick up textiles for window decoration, sewing bedspreads, decorative pillows so that they are in harmony with each other. You can do it yourself in a large store with fabrics and sewing accessories, applying to each other the pieces of material. Or visit specialized shops, where fabric is laid out on catalogs.
Put in the legs or in the headboard of a narrow closed box that can be made to order. Inside it you will have enough space for additional pillows and blankets, and on top you can put a large clock, candles, delicate statues or other useful things.
Make yourself a new headboard for the bed. You can make it from scratch, based on a hardboard, plywood, furniture panels, old door. If you plan to use the old head, Unscrew it from the bed.
Obtyanite the basis of a beautiful fabric or leatherette. For splendor lay inside foam, synthetic padding or batting, pinning them to a solid headboard double-sided tape.
When cutting fabric, leave allowances for ACC. Then, pulling her the head, secure with furniture staples or furniture studs from the back side of the base.
For added decoration, let the contour of a twisted textile cord or sew beautiful buttons or beads. The finished product attach to the bed frame.
Pin it on the wall in the headboard rod or pole. Make several small or one big long pillow. Sew the pillow case long tape. With their help, you tie the pillows to the eaves. This upholstered headboard is very practical. You can wash the pillow covers as needed.
Screw the ceiling cornice above the bed. Sew for him light decorative curtains or blackout curtains. You'll have a cozy place to sleep.
Stick on wall or mirror decorative stickers on the sticky base. They are easily attached and quickly removed.