To make this puzzle easy – you don't have to look for it in stores. Take the strip of wood at the bottom side on the sides of the punch holes. In the center of the strip make a bigger hole.
Fold the lace in half and insert it into the hole with repeated, and then the remaining ends prodavnice in the resulting loop.
The left end of the clip in the left hole and the right in the right, wearing on the left end of the cord to secure two small rings (e.g., curtain).
To solve the puzzle, pull one of the rings to the Central hole of the puzzle and pull the left and right loops of the cord coming out the middle hole.
Take the knot, grasp the cord and pull it and then put the ring on the cord so that it passed through the node.
Knot tighten again inside the resulting small holes, and then move the ring to the right. One of the rings is easily moved from the left sector of the puzzle to the right, and now your task – to do the same with the second ring, which remained in the left sector.
In the same way as in the previous case, pull the ring to the center loop and repeat all actions with the pulling of the loops and pulling the rings through the loop cords on the right side of the puzzle.