You will need
  • computer, interactive whiteboard.
Increase your own knowledge, never resting on our laurels. Don't be afraid to experiment, to abandon ineffective methods of teaching and share experiences with colleagues.
Look and learn the new system of lessons, pedagogical technologies that appear in the field of education. The technology in this case, you need to understand the integrated use of human and technical resources.
Analyze the knowledge acquired and implement them in their work, carefully tracking the results to correct deficiencies. Organize training so that the students could not only receive and understand necessary information, but also had the opportunity of self-realization in the learning process.
With students to set goals you want to achieve in the learning process. Only under your motives, actions, capabilities, motives, interests, needs of your wards, you can most effectively and efficiently to convey academic information.
Apply learning with the computer. This is a very powerful tool of management of educational process and an important means of communication. It also enables rapid exchange of information between employees, and between students.
Use of innovative technologies such as interactive whiteboard. For the teacher it gives you the opportunity to save time in explaining the material from anywhere in the class. Also in the Arsenal of the teacher appear using any of the applications and web resources. Students are involved in a more dynamic collaborative process which develops personal and social skills.
Introduce a different system of motivation of adolescents. In any activity the presence of the element of competition stimulates people to achieve their goals.