Never self-medicate. And if in everyday life people allow themselves sometimes ignore this rule, being pregnant, try not to make any exceptions to it. No matter whether you were previously allergic or suspicious symptoms did you have for the first time. Make an appointment to see the doctor, tell him your complaints. Only a specialist can establish a correct diagnosis and to appoint adequate treatment, which will ease your condition and will not harm the unborn baby.
In any case can not on their own initiative to stop taking the medication that was prescribed to combat the already existing allergies. If you suffer from allergic asthma and stop suddenly to take the necessary medicines, the consequences of this action can be the saddest. On the one hand during asthma attacks the child may happen anoxia, on the other contractions of the uterus caused by prolonged coughing that can lead to fights or even miscarriage or premature birth.
The best and safest way to get rid of allergies during pregnancy can only be the complete elimination from the environment of potentially harmful allergens. Sometimes this is done not so difficult. Enough to quit Smoking, to walk more in the fresh air most ventilated room, or, conversely, tightly close the Windows to reduce the concentration of pollen in ambient air, stop eating obviously dangerous in this regard products. Some good help climate change. However, to afford it can not all, and some of allergens to avoid work, even if you take this all possible.
If without medicines not to manage, ask the doctor to find a medication to suit your pregnancy. For example, if used to help you used cortisone sprays in pregnancy they can be replaced by beta 2-sympathomimetics, dilates the bronchi and does not affect the fetus.
Correctly chosen treatment for allergies during pregnancy will not only ease your condition, but will significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions in the future baby.