You will need
  • - A sheet of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - the lawyer.
Goals and tasks of the senior home, is much broader than just the solution of questions concerning the maintenance, repair and improvement of residential houses. The duties of a senior at home is to monitor the activities of management companies, and utility contractors on behalf of residents.
Please note that the senior on the house represents the interests of its neighbors for the preservation and maintenance of the yard and house the district Council, the Department of internal Affairs and other state agencies, evaluates the work of public services, interviewing residents of the apartments. He also transmits the received complaints or suggestions to the chief or the chief engineer local management company.
Senior watching how tenants use stairs, elevators, entrance doors at the entrances, do not spoil the property, do not litter do. Organizes meetings of the residents regarding the decision of a question.
The list of responsibilities of a senior at home can be continued indefinitely. To select the person for this position, you must consider such qualities as responsibility, responsiveness, the presence of a large amount of free time, sociability, mobility, sociability.
Organize meetings of residents of their home. To do this, write the ads, stating the exact time and place of the meeting (e.g., 25 June at 19.00 near the second entrance).
Invite the candidacy of a man possessing the above qualities. Discuss the other candidates: do they have a sufficient amount of free time, can take on this responsibility.
Vote if opinions are divided. The person with the highest number of votes is selected for the position of "elder at home" for five years.
Execute a power of attorney in accordance with the rules of civil law. To do this, contact your lawyer or notary.
The power of attorney to the senior on the house are entitled to speak on behalf of the householder to defend their interests and to make decisions, to sign acts, to audit the financial reports and report to the management company and the apartment owners.