You will need
  • disk driver mobile.
Plug in any operator's mobile phone number. Choose the fare that would be convenient for mailing the necessary number of SMS messages. Also note that some operators are providing subscription services on SMS messages a certain amount for a certain monthly fee.
Details you can check at the official sites of the operators available in your city. You can also call technical support and ask the operator the available options send an SMS message in accordance with the volume and your existing base.
Enter the numbers from the existing data base in the memory of the mobile phone. You can also import them from Excel, using a driver's mobile device with the included in complete drive. Connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable that normally comes in the kit. You can also use wireless data transmission technology Bluetooth. The pair follow in PC Suite mode. Synchronize phonebook with database in the program.
In the software of your mobile phone, go the menu messages. Write the text of the mailing, and then send it to multiple users from your contacts list in your database. If you need to expand, look for rooms on thematic sites, forums, relevant communities in social networks and blogs.
If you want to automate sending, you need to acquire special equipment and software that would generate the text of the mailing and to which it would be possible to prescribe conditions for the dispatch. There are also special paid services for your organization mailings.