You will need
  • A Taser, a socket connected to mains voltage of 220V or charger.
Check died if the Taser. Usually, Taser stores the accumulated charge within six months. When the battery is fully charged it is able to create about 200 charges. Regularly, on average once every two weeks, check if there is any current in the battery.
To do this, press the handle of the pinch. Signs that a stun gun need to charge are the weak zipper and the soft sound of. Do not press and hold the gap longer than three seconds. A Taser can fail.
Put the stun on charge. Depending on the configuration or use the charger for batteries, or plug the stun gun into the socket.
Carefully watch the time. The average stun gun is charging 5-6 hours. It is not recommended to exceed the time specified in the instruction manual of the Taser. In this case, it can fail.
Follow the safety during charging of the Taser. In any case, do not click discharger, if the Taser stuck into the socket. In case there are children or animals, do not leave a charged Taser unattended.
Check whether the charged Taser. To do this, click on the discharger. Signs that the stun gun is vibrant and fast discharge lightning and a loud crack.